Friday, December 10, 2010

I just started Christmas shopping!!!

I know, I know...a lot of you are DONE with your shopping...but not me! I just started today LOL. I decided I'm running out of time and I better hurry up! I had the responsibility of buying our Administration their gifts so I went to Tai Pan trading and put together a cute bucket with candy, popcorn and movie tickets...I have half the stuff I need for my aids in the office to complete their gifts, and now I can say I have something for everyone at least...not finished by any means but maybe I will do that the cold snow...yuck! I'm excited for Christmas though it is going to be a strange one this year. Trevor, Staci and Max are going to stay at their home for Santa to come this year...that should be fun for, we are going to sleep in, wake up and open our few gifts, pick up grandma Bahr then go to Ogden. After Max and Trevor and Staci open their gifts then we are going to a movie! Weird Christmas, but I'm looking forward to it....I get to have a little surgery on the 15th, so I will still be recovering anyway...take it easy and keep it simple is my philosophy. We already had a little Christmas with Rob before he left and I am sending him a small box to open up...oh, of course, we will be sending him a care package from too. I'm not sure about neighborhood gifts and Christmas cards this year...we will just see how I feel...ya know, take it easy and keep it simple....I do hope everybody has a wonderful Holiday season....I am so grateful for Christ and the fact that he came to this earth for us to be our many reasons why Christmas is a Wonderful time of the year...especially celebrating His birth. Merry Christmas to all of you! We love you and hope the best for you all.............

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