Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with 2010......In with 2011!

Wow! 2010 was a busy but great year! Just a few things, Trevor graduated which enabled them to move out of Breon and Shirlene's house!!! It was so nice to have the kids live in their home with them while Trevor went to school, but it was difficult at best for everyone always is. I know Trevor and Staci are grateful for all Breon did for them and will always be grateful, but it is just nice to have their own little apartment where they can be their own little family. They even changed their traditions this year for Christmas and had it at their own apartment with a beautiful big live Christmas Tree....I know this is something that every family needs ... traditions need to be created and passed on....they really had fun...we went up in the afternoon, took good food, opened presents and went to the movie Narnia...Max really seemed to enjoy himself. Another thing that happened in 2010, Kristi lost her job! Dang! She tried to find a job in Logan, she really loved living there with her roommates, but there just weren't any jobs to to her dismay, but to our happiness, Kristi moved back home and immediately got another job, close by but that she really didn't like much...guess what? You guessed, she was layed off from that job..oh darn...she is now working for another company getting paid a lot more and this time I think is more stable. Kristi would love to move out again with roommates...but until that time comes, we are just happy to have her home. (One day she'll be gone for good on her own..these times are precious to me) Kristi is attending our newly formed singles ward in our Stake and is Visiting Teacher Coordinator. Kati started cosmetology school at SLCC and really loving it...she cuts all our hair right now...what a bonus for us! I think she will really enjoy doing this..and she is really good (that helps) She is still dating Ben...don't ask, we don't know hahahah...Then there is Rob...he left on his mission December 8th and is now in the Washington Kennewick Mission! It was a struggle at first for him...homesick, but he called yesterday and he is doing great! I had surgery, Hysterectomy, Dec 15th Ouch! I am in recovery mode and hoping it happens sooner than later...just not patient! I'm feeling pretty good. Gary is still working at Gustave Larsen and missing his son...they had a great opportunity to spend a lot of time together and I'm sure this is quite a void in both their lives right now...he follows his map that he bought to keep up with Elder Rob. I start my new job on Monday! I now have my own office and am responsible for the attendance of all the students at Kearns High (among other things...lots of other things) And I will be teaching Jessica Lokini the ropes of my old job as soon as monday hits! Kristi and I were doing jazzercize before my surgery, I hope to get back into it after I can...I loved it..of course, eat better, more sleep, try a little harder to be a little nicer etc etc etc....let's just have a great 2011!!! Good by 2010!!

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The Reimers Family said...

It is so great to hear that your family is doing so well! Yall have so much fun together!