Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a Great Day

It is so much fun to be connected with the Carters and Fullmer Blogs....what a bunch of cute kids......and those two beautiful babies!!! It is good to see Lucas looking so healthy...and Kezlyn, oh what a beautiful little girl!!! Everything is good and busy at the Schroeder home.....Max is here today..he got to pet this goat the other goats are really cute...Staci and Kristi are singing a duet with a couple of friends at a benefit for their High School Chorus Teacher Mr Moore on June 28th (they are at a practice today)...he was recently diagnosed with cancer and will need an expensive a bunch of alumni of all ages from all over who have had Mr Moore have put together this benefit on his behalf to earn some money and to recognize him and how much they appreciate...anyway, they are singing a song from the musical will be good, but Kristi and Staci are funny, they are on the program to sing after SheDaisy sings 2 numbers...what great positioning ha ha ha...the SheDaisy's also had Mr Moore in High school and have kept in touch with him. This will be a good thing, Staci has worked tirelessly getting concessions donated for that night to sell, and there will be a donation box around....anyone is welcome to come and will really enjoy the will be emotionally driven and really good.

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