Saturday, June 28, 2008

It was a SUCCESS!!!! The Benefit Concert for Kerry Moore

I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to be a part of this fabulous night honoring Kerry Moore.....the auditorium was almost full...estimate over 700 people....Rogers Bakery donated so many baked goods...we sold a ton and 100% of the money went towards the Moore Family....The choir was fabulous with every graduating year represented somewhere in the room from 1984 on.....They sang like they had been together forever when in actuality they have been singing for a month and not everybody would be at practices at the same time....donations were wonderful...after counting, we estimate that the Moores will probably get from $8000 to $10,000....that is not bad for a night....Mr Moore was overwhelmed!!! To say the least....he was honored to conduct their last song and it was marvelous!!! Their piano player was blind and has been from birth...he is amazing, all he does is hear the music, then he can play it...outstanding!!! The SHeDAISY's sang 2 numbers and were great of course....Staci and Kristi, Amber and Danny sang "For Good" from wicked and did an awsome job....the crowd responded with explosions of clapping...standing ovations all night....great job to everyone!! Gary, Kati, Sheranne, and I ran the concessions and we were busy!!!! Sold tons of water and goodies....I posted a picture of Staci and Kristi's group, the SHeDAISY's......and Kerry and Stacy Moore on stage....our hearts and prayers go out to Kerry Moore...he started chemo this week and had a hard time, but is doing a lot is going to be a hard long fought battle, but he has the spirit to win and we pray he does...he has influenced so many for so many years....there is more for him to do out there!!!

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