Monday, June 30, 2008 is going to be a HOT day today.....but it's the 4th of July this week!!! Hurray!!! I love July!!! Everybody have a great week!!! (We also get Friday off, BONUS!!)......Update on Sunday....TALKS DONE!!!!! I could have died when we got into church and there sat the Stake President and 2nd Counselor!!! I told them they needed to leave, but they wouldn't......I think we have paid our dues now, we spoke to the congregation and the Stake leaders!!! We have been friends with Pres Porter for years...He's a great guy, one of those seminary teacher/principle who are fantastic speakers and teachers, and really a character...but for some reason, now he is Stake President, anytime he calls us to his office or we speak and he is there, I am intimidated by him....he just laughs and tells me to think of him as Cornel...not President Porter...and then Pres Hall is just a nut...he is in our Ward and was our Bishop...he and his wife Donnaheah are also characters,...... Kati used to babysit for him when she was younger, we have a yard full of transplanted plants from their yard and most important, He is a Die Hard University of Utah fan....soooo...we have been know to decorate very nicely, his yard with BYU paraphernalia from the Wilkinson Center as well as homemade items with the BYU's been somewhat a challenge to be creative lately, but the BYU and Uof U game is fun around here....but like I said before, OUR TALKS ARE DONE AND WE LIVED TO SEE TODAY!!!

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