Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grandma is coming ........................

This is our Grandma Schroeder. She is coming to live with us on November 19th...soon. She is doing pretty good right now, just very confused. It was funny, I went over to the place she is living right now to take her cloths I washed, she wasn't in her room so I started putting the cloths away....turned around and there she was walking into her room using a walker!! She really doesn't need a walker, she shuffles her way around but is pretty stable when it comes to walking. It actually looked kind of funny seeing her with the walker. She probably saw it and decided it looked like hers, she tends to do that sometimes....when we cleaned out her room at the assisted living place, we found about 15 pairs of glasses, mens and womens that were not hers...they were nicely placed in a drawer...Klepto grandma...we took them to the desk and handed them in....all I can say is, THIS SHOULD BE GOOD!!! Hide the china and good silver ha ha ha lol

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