Monday, November 24, 2008

I am Thankful for.........................................

First off, there are so many things I am Thankful for....I am only sharing a few because if not, this blog will go on FOREVER!!!
``1. I am first of all Thankful for my wonderful Husband Gary...he is a man of few words, but you know just what and where he stands in his life. He is a hard working man, loves the Lord and his family!! Such a great example to our family and especially to Rob as to honoring his Priesthood...I love you Gary.
``2. My kids!! They are my life and especially my Joy!! I have loved being their mother and learning so much from them. I ask them to forgive me for my short comings..I have so many, and have made so many mistakes...but everything I did and do is because I love each and all 4 of them. Staci, the oldest...what an example of love and concern for others..this girl has always wanted the best for everyone, has had such a hard time with different things in her life and has worked hard making others feel better...always concerned for our welfare, loves the Lord and has such faith in his love for her..such a beautiful daughter of God...what an example to me she is...such a good mommy to little Max..he's a lucky little guy. son in law..aka our son!! I am so grateful to him for the great husband and daddy he is. Trevor is such an example to us, and to Rob...such a hard working, strong willed, dedicated to his family and the gospel kind of guy, another that is an example to us on how he honors his Priesthood and is always available to use it when necessary...we are a lucky family to have such a young man marry one of our daughters! Kristi, the 2nd, this girl is miss loving and caring too. Kristi will give you the "shirt off her back" if needed, and on occasion, has done just about that for friends and others. Kristi is such a spiritual giant and has such talent in so many things..(I love to hear Staci and Kristi sing is so beautiful)Organizer for everybody, willing to help anywhere she is needed..and I know her Father in Heaven is happy with her and who she is. Kati Jo, the 3rd child, what a joy she is to our family..keeps us on our toes and even when she is having a hard time is concerned of us and what is going on. Very devoted to her shows...she is a beautiful dancer with such love, beauty and grace. This talent has given her opportunities to grow and learn so many things. Kati Jo is a loving caring young lady with a strong testimony of our Savior and not afraid to show others..(and she does have opportunity to do so frequently)Kati too is a beautiful daughter of God. Rob...what a great kid...I am so thankful to him for always wanting to do whats right even when it goes against the grain sometimes. He has such a love and respect for the Priesthood he holds, and is such an example to me and others when he blesses the sacrament. I so appreciate him for "babysitting" Grandma Schroeder when he gets home from school so I can run errands, and without any complaints. I can never tell these kids more how much they mean to me and how much I respect them for the good decisions they are making in their lives...
``3. Maximus Gary Breon Jacobs, the love of my life!!! This is my adorable little 3yr old grandson...I am the luckiest Grandma Lu around...I can never get enough of this little guy and I hope he know how much Grandma loves him. What a smart, handsome, energetic, wonderful little person!!!
``4. Then, I especially right now am thankful for Grandma Schroeders naps...finding her way to the bathroom, singing with the Movies like White Christmas, Kiss me Kate, etc...blood sugars being at a normal level and eating her meals. I especially love movies by myself and with others, lots of popcorn without butter, chocolate, ice cream and someone else cooking dinner. I especially am thankful for dear friends who care and are concerned and are always there for us, and all our family, what is greater than our families.. especially the renewed relationships with is good and I am thankful for that!! (see, this can still go on forever....there is so much more to be thankful for...Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!)

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XOXO I love you mom! :")