Monday, November 17, 2008

Welllllllllllllll.....Here's Grandma!!!

We went to get Grandma at the Care Center...last week we talked with the social worker and got things scheduled for today to be discharged...well, when we arrived, the nurse on duty had no idea that she was being discharged!! Of course, nobody communicates took about 1 1/2hrs to get her paper work filled out and meds taken care of.....She's FREE!!! We went to Dee's for lunch and she did very well....when we got home, she looked around and has been watching TV ever since!!! What a great babysitter....ha ha ha...We have home health coming in 4 times a day to do her blood sugars for about a week, then I will take them over....and she gets to have occupational and physical therapy here at home...can you say "home body?" I am put on a schedule and I don't quite know how to handle it!!! We are going to teach Gary how to give shots next week so I won't be so attached to home so much. Oh, it's kind of funny though, I was folding and hanging her cloths I washed..she decided to help me hang them. She hung 2 shirts and one garment top wrapped around the hanger....LOL...I had to work to get it off the hanger and of course I did it in her room where she didn't see was really funny. She also keeps hand washing our dishes...great isn't it...only she doesn't use soap....when she goes to bed I will quietly put them in the dishwasher....ha ha ha...I'm good at this..lots of practice when our kids were doing their chores and I would kind of go behind them and kind of fix beds, cloths, etc without them knowing this point, this is going to be somewhat entertaining........keep you posted.

Max trying out the walker!! Now that was fun!!

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The Fullmer's said...

It's nice to see you find some joy, and laugh a little. You got to love the way people communicate. Keep us updated.