Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kristi wants a LOCK on her bedroom door............

Ok, quick update on Grandma Schroeder....Wed, Thurs, and Friday Grandma had more confusion in her days...actually in the mornings really bad...she seems to only get up to go to the bathroom once in the early mornings...I try to listen for her. It was so funny though this morning. Actually, the other day first she got up and went to the bathroom, couldn't find her way (just around the corner) to her room and ended up sleeping in Kristi's bed for a couple more hours..(kristi was at worries) Then...........last night Staci and Max stayed over...Staci on the couch and Max with kristi. Well, Grandma couldn't find the bathroom early this the dark..ended up in the living to Staci..scared Staci to death..Staci said she flew up totally terrified and actually scared Grandma awake!!! Sorry, I laughed so hard...I wish I had been a bug on the wall to see that...thennnnnnnnnnn I guess just before that she opened the door and walked into Kristi's room and startled her too...the first thing Kristi said to us this morning is "Mom, I want a lock on my door!" You know, it's kind of sad, but I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop laughing..I'm so insensitive I just gotta laugh at these things or you will cry!!! She had a really busy day yesterday and it got to her. First she had a doctors apt and a student lab tech tried to draw her blood and did a crapy job..didn't even get close to her vein and I knew he wasn't..I wanted to say something to him....but I didn't....actually my first clue that he was REALLY new was he couldn't find the phlebotomy room....go figure....anyway, I took her to Wendy's for a kids kid again...then I took her sugar when we got home and it was a whopping 426!!! Holy Cow...not even on the sliding scale..I had to call the doctor..(I gave her 10 units of insulin while we waited for his call) Then Physical Therapy came and worked with her, then Occupational Therapy came and worked with her as then Dr Murnin called and had me give her another 10 units of dinner her sugar was 116 Hurray!!! We then went to see Lucas

what a nice visit...he was doing so good and talking a lot!!!!

and this is his "sucker"....he is so funny, they give him this yummy medicing on this spungy sucker thing to prevent thrush and he just LOVES IT!! He opens up as soon as he sees it is the cutest thing... Oh and love the right hand...he always keeps it on his cheek ... it's the cutest thing

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The Bronson Bunch said...

I think I would've laughed too! That is funny that Grandma scared everyone! Ha ha ha! Poor Kristi! I guess she just might need a locking door!