Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rob just got back from TREK!!!!

Rob just spent the last 3 days doing a little of what the pioneers did...pushed and pulled handcarts!! What a great experience for these kids to get a "tiny" taste of what their posterity did before them to get our family to this great western state. Gary and I went on trek about 12 years ago, Staci went several years ago and Kristi has gone twice...unfortunately, kati hasn't had the opportunity...she did go up with me one year and we washed the hair of the kids during one of their day activities..but she has the desire and wants to go someday..and will. Rob had some great experiences that are somewhat personal and special to him...ask him anytime and I am sure he will share with you the challenges and experiences he experience he told us about...first if you don't know anything about trek, you are paired up with a "family" a ma and pa and kids...usually about 6-8 kids to a cart or get exceptionally close to this family, you work together to accomplish the trek up dirt roads, in the sun and heat for miles and miles....the last night apparently they pulled Rob and his brother Corbin off to the side, told them that they had died and that they will not see their family again...they then took them into a meadow with others that had died from their families. They then told the families about their brothers and sisters that had died...apparently their ma's and pa's didn't know this was going to happen...they had some interesting feelings dealing with the experience of losing a family member...after a time, they let the kids go back over the hill to their families and continue with the trek...of course this wasn't real, and they didn't die, but the feelings were unique and interesting for these families to have...what the real pioneers had to deal with, loosing loved ones while on their journey out west, losing mothers, fathers and children...burying them off the side of a dirt road never to have them by their side the rest of their lives on this earth....what a blessing it is to have the knowledge of Eternal Families and know that your loved ones are only gone for this life, that if we live right we will all see each other again....kind of like the kids coming over the hill, back to their families...what a great experience...Good Job Rob

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