Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trip to West Yellowstone

There are tons of these brightly painted Buffalo...Max calls them Bison...all over West Yellowstone....they are actually's funny, Max was completely infatuated with these animals...whenever I called them Buffalo, he would correct me and tell me that "Grandma, they are Bison" end of story...I really don't know where he came up with the correct name...maybe we called them that once and he thing about him, he remembers everything!!

We went to a museum and this is a little bear that the children can touch...I am not really sure what Max was doing ... head to head with the little bear .... but he really liked these little guys ...there were 3 bears at the restaurant we had breakfast at....they also were once alive ... Kati and Max named them while we waited for our seats ... they were cute ... we didn't see any live animals on this visit...usually we see tons of "Bison", elk and deer...but not one this visit....not sure where they were....probably just inside the Yellowstone Park...we didn't go into the park this time...we actually went into Bozeman Montana and around was a beautiful drive and usually there are animals in that area....we went to the Play Mill theatre and watched Hello Dolly, Oklahoma, and See How they Run...they were all great...actually only Staci and Trevor saw Oklahoma, but we saw the others....its really a great little theatre every bit Off Broadway for sure...

This is Max with his Mountain Man Rendezvous Sword...Max loved all the neat stuff...They put on this Rendezvous for a week just outside West Yellowstone town every August...they have tons of hides, leathers, instruments, anything you can imagine that would go with the Mountain Men....Kati loved the fur hides...they were soft and she said she wanted to cuddle with them....they had a badger fur that was $100...she thought that would be funny to put up in her room....I am sure PETA would get wind of that and have her hide!! Max also got this cool snake made out of cut moved just like a real snake...we thought it would be funny to put in Kristi's bed and surprise her... he also got a pop riffle which was made out of wood that he loves...we just had a great time...we stayed at the KOA just outside West yellowstone..they told us it is in Bear Country and to take proper precautions, but like I said, all the animals were somewhere else this visit, though I didn't much care that the bears were somewhere else.. they can stay somewhere else...they are kind of scary.....the guys went swimming while the girls went thing there is lots of shopping to be done..this is a town for Tourists for sure!!...the weather was perfect..little cool, but enjoyable....GREAT TIME

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