Monday, August 25, 2008

Grandma Bahr's 80th Birthday Party!!!

What a great night!! It was so fun to have everybody at Mom's birthday party...we had all the family there...with the exception of Kati, who is at school, and Alex who had to go home to Vernal...we did take some pictures and hopefully Mike and Allison can get them photo shopped in to the family....we Missed them a ton!! We had so many babies there....what a fun family!! Syd's little girl Zaylei was there..actually the first time we have seen many of the babies....Thanks to Mike and Rachel...we really had a huge crew and their house was overflowing for sure...Leon and Eva Jane came as well and as Grandma Schroeder...we ate, talked and got to know each other again...little Lucas was there...he had a hard time at first...our thoughts and prayers are always with him...he is adorable!! So are the older boys!!!

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