Sunday, August 24, 2008


Oh what a weekend....Thursday night, while I was unable to sleep, got up, went into the livingroom and switched on the Olympics (which, sorry to say, I just haven't been able to get a grasp on this year) and watched the men's volleyball as the US won...which was nice...fell asleep for a few minutes, woke up with a strange feeling in my lip!!! Yes, my lip!!! Something tried to eat me while I was asleep....something tiny with 6 legs, creapy crawly, probably something I swallowed because there was no evidence except the HUGE and growing lip left behind on my FACE!!! Oh my to the bathroom to check the growing, and I mean growing results of a fiendish little creature....Oh my LIP!!! The upper lip, honestly it was huge and getting bigger....looked like botox gone bad for sure....I looked like a FREAKIN DUCK!!! And I had to go to work in a couple hours....I put ice on it, didn't work, I kept trying to pull it in, so it didn't look so bad, I took some pictures with my camera, I really am debating whether I should post a looks so bad and scary, maybe not....these are pictures you keep to yourself for sure...anyway, Gary saw it..."Whoa" was his comment....I sent a picture to Kati and Kristi...they both said the same thing...."Oh my Gosh...what bit you!!" I went to work, I had to do a report that I am the only one trained on right now, and it had to be done by the end of the day...I could hardly talk at this time........try to talk with a huge swollen upper I see why ducks don't talk....the beak!! Anyway, I had to cover my face while driving, didn't want to scare anyone and cause an accident, cover my face while going into work, I have never seen such big eyes when my supervisor and manager saw me..."whoa" was their collective comments....I had to hold my head down when passing anyone in the hall...on and on and on...what an experience...I finished my report at 10:45 and took my beak home....that is when Rob took me to the movie Dark Knight...he felt my pain and knew it would be best for me to sit in a dark movie until the swelling went down..what a kid! Anyway, the swelling eventually went down by the next moring, the lip was sore, and I am doing a lot better....what a weekend!!

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Luana said...

Oh, LuAnn!! You can't tell us such a crazy story and lead us on, and not show a picture!! You have to show me a picture, atleast, when you come. Inquiring minds want to know, I'm sure! Now you've got people wondering what your lip really looked like...a DUCK??