Saturday, August 16, 2008

KATI is in Ephraim!!! Snow College Life Again!!

Well....Kati is at Snow in her new apartment....this is going to be a good and fun year for her...first of all, she is in an apt with girls she knows, last year she didn't know a single roommate...this year she is off campus..(ha campus is actually closer than the dorms were) instead of the dreary dingy dorms she was in last yaer...this year she has her own room, not sharing with another girl...this is really good because these girls brought their own laptops and other electronics they need to be careful with...they have locks on their doors and can manage their stuff better...this year she only shares a bathroom with one girl, not 3 other girls (this should be better for sharing toilet paper...what a joke last year...toilet paper conflict! Oh Brother! A true college experience for sure!!)....this year they have a beautiful kitchen with microwave, dishwasher, plenty cupboard space, table etc....this year they have a separate living room with TV provided and cable (like a college student needs cable)'s just all around nicer living space........have a fun year Kati Jo

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