Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Kati, Kristi and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas visiting with our favorite family the Taukinukufilis!! We had such a great time...we just love the hospitality and friendship this family shows us...this is a picture of Joe, Vaughn, Sierra and Cheyenne.

This is Sierra...she and Cheyenne have the most beautiful hair...Sierra's is curly and really pretty...she just wanted to see it straight so Kati got out her straightener and straightened her hair...this is a before and after..or half and half...her hair is so long straight!! Cheyenne is standing in the room...that is the back of her head...her hair is down past her butt!!! So pretty...

Of course, we had to go to the strip ... the only time the Taukinukufili's go to the strip is when the Schroeders come over...it's fun to see...and of course, we had to have the Fremont Experience...this is where they enclosed Fremont street and have it as a walking street...there are different things there, but the fun part is the video they show to music on the ceiling....it's kind of hard to see .. I took the picture with my cell phone...I always forget my camera!!!

This is Red Rock Canyon...this is out west of Las Vegas..it's really beautiful...We went out Monday before we left to come back to Utah...Cheyenne stood on this rock that had a drop off behind it.. you can't see it with this picture, it is really deceiving, but it really was high with a long drop off behind the rock ...it was scary...Bryce is with her in the other picture...the rest of us were too chicken to get up...not good if you're afraid of heights!!
We just thoroughly enjoyed our visit...we hope to get back soon!! Love ya Taukinukufili's!!!


Trevor, Staci and MAX said...

I just saw them, how can they look older? ={

Schroeders in a nut shell said...

amazing hugh!!! They grow so fast