Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Day....lots of blessings

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day for Mike and Allison's baby Lucas, Krisley and Jake's baby Kezlyn, and Tara's baby Kennedy....they were all getting blessed...Little Lucas was first, but he decided to get a fever earlier that morning and had to go to the hospital.....they got his fever down, but had trouble with his IV and picc line....he had a really good day on Saturday according to Mike....then on his special day, had a bad day....we will have his blessing soon with the family when he is doing better....haven't heard anything as of today.....Mike was able to come to kezlyn's blessing and dinner with the family, Please continue to keep this family in your prayers, this is a hard thing for Lucas to go through and Mom and starts to get a little discouraging when set backs happen...they are doing a fantastic job and I am really proud of them!!! Some of us went to kezlyn's blessing...Jake did a great job with her blessing...she is such a beautiful little girl and Krissley and Jake are doing a great job with her....the other half of us attended Kennedy's blessing...they were both at the same time....I saw pictures of her and she is adorable...grandma Bahr said she is tiny....she is doing really good, she had some problems early on, but seems to have grown out of them....what a great time with the other family members...we all really enjoyed it.

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