Friday, July 4, 2008


Hope everyone has had a great 4th of July this year.....we had a quiet morning, tinkered around the house....then the action began about 1pm....we took both Grandma's and went to Ogden Utah!!! Horray!!! We picked up Max, Trevor and Staci and we went to Dee's Restaurant to eat, that was good if you like Dee's Restaurant, Grandma Schroeder wanted pie so we figured Dees would be good...we actually wanted to go to another restaruant that Trevor's Grandma and Grandpa love to go to, but they were closed for the holidays.... then we went to our Family Fun Spot...The Duck Pond....Max Loves the Duck Pond...there are a ton of geese and ducks and seaguls...we always come prepared with lots of bread, Max loves to chase the geese, they are huge and taller then he is, but he isn't afraid of them...not even when they start hissing at him....anyway, they surround us when then know we have the bread for's really fun..then we walk around the's really beautiful out there...great spots for pictures...lots of brides take their bridals there...lots of families take pictures there too...actually, we plan to have a family portrait soon, at least before Kati leaves to go back to school...that will be fun.....We really had a good day, hope you did too.

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