Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kati is Dancing in California!!!

Well........Kati is happily in Anaheim California dancing up a storm!!!(actually she won't start dancing until tomorrow) The Badgeretts go to dance camp every summer and she loves it...they learn so much. Last year they danced with Choreographer Shane Sparks from "So you think you can Dance" He is sometimes a judge on the show and choreographer..I think his love is hip hop...he taught the girls a dance routine which they performed...and of course, they have pictures with him.(Kati totally admires him...but she says he is short)Kati loves hip hop because it is a challenging form of dance..last year she needed another credit hour and decided to take a hip hop class..SHE HATED IT...she said it was "white girl hip hop" I guess you'll have to imagine with me what that meant???Anyway, they left with the drill team from Dixie College this morning , and....they went on a bus, what fun ha ha. They arrived this afternoon and are just chilling today...after camp, they are going to Newport Beach for a relax...these camps are quite a work out mentally and physically, that is why she loves to's a challenge and work. She took my camera, as soon as she gets home I will post a couple of her pictures....

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