Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grandma Bahr turns 80 this August!!!

Wow....and I thought I was old!!! Just kidding....we would like to honor this matron of our family on this big occasion....we talked about it somewhat at the luncheon for Lucas, but to let you all start planning...we thought we would have a pot luck party at Mike and Rachels either on Friday August 22nd or Saturday August 23rd...let us know which date would work for your family members.....Staci has offered to get a fabulous cake...we were thinking that if every family donated $5 we could get her a nice cake...and then everyone bring pot luck....we have had some nice luncheons these last two sundays doing will be fun to have another excuse to get together again....keep these dates in mind and let us know what would work for everybody....I will let Kevin know so that he can get his family involved as well...they need to sign on with their own's a great way to communicate...

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starspunkle said...

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Doot Doot Doo Doo

(that's me blwoing on a horn)

Stop That!

(that's Daniel yelling at me!)


(that's me with the cymbals to drown him out)