Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Got A Flat TIRE!!!

Well.......I went to Ogden to see Trevor, Staci and Max after work yesterday and yes, got a flat tire!! I think I got it driving through some road construction because I hit a pot hole or something with that tire ... it made a loud noise, and then I noticed that the tire was flat after I parked at Staci and Trevors house.....I called to have Gary come because I didn't want to drive on the little spare tire all the way from Ogden in the dark by myself, rather, have him follow me...he brought Kati to learn to change the tire! She did good! I have pictures, but it's on my cell phone so I can't transfer to this site...sorry, they are really good though....Oh, and yes, I got the material to make Max his superman costume!! That should be fun...His birthday is coming, next week and he will be the big 3 years time flies! He's not a baby he's a "big boy" or as he says "Maximus"

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