Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sewing Empress Theatre Costumes again

Well, they got me again...I had a short break for about 2 or 3 shows....I am back at it....we are doing the custumes for Seussical the Musical coming next month....there are a lot of characters in this particular play, and thank heavens we borrowed some costumes from Brighton High...but there are plenty of things to make as is going to be a fantastic for all ages...I have seen some of the notch actors AGAIN....If you are interested in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, now is the time...get you tickets online and come see the would be worth your time and effort I can assure you....sell out nights almost every night...very professional actors in our area...I am very impressed with the talent after Seussical is Wait Until Dark...OOOOOOOOh...scary...that is going to be a good one!!!..

I started working from 8am to 1pm now...what a nice schedule....I think I am going to enjoy having the afternoon off everyday...Working tomorrow though...everyone have a great 24th of July!!! We will be doing fireworks for Max's fun is it to think everyone celebrates your birthday with fireworks....I better finish Max's superman costume before friday....too much to do and too little time!!!

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