Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yes, Kati was in the Earthquake in Southern Calif!!!

Ok....this is really funny....Kati has really never been in an earthquake before, until today, they had an earthquake of 5.4 in southern california...yes, where Kati is dancing her heart out!!! I talked with her...they are all fine, a little shook up, but fine....apparently, they were in this huge room dancing, no tables or chairs etc, and the floors started rocking and the light fixtures shaking...it scared them to death and they really didn't know what to do....or I should say, those from other states didn't know what to do, the californiaites did just fine.....anyway, if you can just imagine with me the commotion all over, she said everybody ran to the only doorways available....um...like 30 girls in one doorway....it was scary for sure...or as she said "FREAKIN SCARY!!!" They are just fine now...the story should be good when she gets home....this from a girl that sees a spider the size of a quarter, and by the time she tells the story a few times, this spider is now the size of a soft ball....I can't wait!!! She is funny....they were on their way to lunch and then back to dance....hopefully they won't feel too many aftershocks...it should be a fun night!!!

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