Monday, July 28, 2008

YAHOO!! We got the Cabin at Smith Moorehouse!!!

I am so excited!!! We have a friend that has let us use his cabin up at Smith Moorehouse for about the last 3-4 years....usually at the last moment...Gary just called and he said we can use it this weekend!!! Yes, it is Max's birthday party weekend, but we will just work it out...thank heavens it isn't very far away....Somehow we will make it is so beautiful up there ... it is in a gated community of cabins, and they let us use their 4 wheelers while we are there....that is so much fun....sooooooo what a busy week....we will work out whatever we need too so that we can go....I think it will work out just fine. We actually are planning on taking our family pictures just before the party at the duck know, that is just how the schroeders work....moment to moment....but it makes life interesting for sure. I will for sure get pictures and post is so beautiful up there. It will be a fun time. If you can't tell, I am excited!!! Love the Mountains, that is why I want family pictures at the duck is the look of mountains all around....

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