Monday, July 14, 2008

Well....I am making a "Superman Costume" for Max!! I haven't seen Max in a week...and yes, I am going through Max we get a phone call at 8:20pm and it's Max. He talked to "Pa" then he wanted to talk to me "Grandma Lu" First thing he said was "will you make me a superman costume grandma Lu?" And of course, my answer immediately was "yes" which he then said "and a Super hero's costume, and a He Man costume and a barney costume? (did he say Barney costume?)" I guess since he got a yes, why not go for the gusto...grandma loves me, so grandma will say "YES" to all the costumes....this week I have to make some bonnets and aprons for the girls in our ward to go to Trek with, so, yes, I will make a Superman costume with a big "S" on the cape!! ha ha ha....I have to say, he knows I will do anything for him....yes I am a grandma sucker...I need the license plate cover "Grandma's the name, spoiling's the game!"

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