Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are you ready for this update?????????????

Ok, never a dull moment with Grandma Schroeder!!! You know how she seemed ok Tuesday night, well, Wednesday the car from Garden Terrace Care Center picked her up, Gary and Rob met them at the Center and she was freaking out...didn't want to stay there, accused them of kidnapping her, calling everybody a SOB, tried to escape through the window or the closet.......we haven't heard today how she is doing....she hasn't taken her medication that controls her schizophrenia, yes, an Alzheimer's patient that is also schizophrenic!!! I forgot to tell you that one...probably because it has been in control by a medication her doctors put her on. We'll get that under control again. We have some wonderful news last night. A good friend of ours, the Taukinukufili's are coming to help us take out our bathtub and put in a shower!!! Hurray!! This will be good...we only have one bathroom and I think with a shower we will be able to bath Grandma better..............19 days and she will be here...pray for us!!

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