Thursday, October 9, 2008

I think Lucas has a crush...........on Kristi!!

Kristi and I went up to the hospital again last night. What a cutie, AGAIN. He is such a flirt...oh my gosh, with Kristi. He just loves her. No matter where she is he has to keep his eye on her....she loves him too and plays with him. Kristi actually got him to giggle a couple was so cute!! He had a hard time later in the night. He actually, out of the clear blue, just threw up...alot...all over me (just a watery substance). He was so sweet though, after he was done he looked at me like he had done something wrong. Poor little guy. He didn't tolerate his 9pm feeding at all. One thing, he gets antibiotics by mouth, sweet, yummy, he really seemed to like that....Can I just tell you what respect and love and compassion I have for his family. They have to come from Orem and go home every day, not to mention making plans for the older three boys.............what a draining drive! It isn't easy to get to the hospital no matter where you come much traffic, train, people and commotion! I will have gone up 3 days in a row and it's not easy to get there.....once you are there it is a privilege to be with this little guy...they have to arrange their whole lives to get to the hospital, everyday.....Please keep this family in your prayers, they need it so much. Find Joy in the Journey.


The Fullmer's said...

Thanks for visiting again. He loves visitors. Good news, he will be transferred to Utah Valley today so he will be closer to home. Thank you so much for helping we really appreciate it! He loves you!

The Fullmer's said...

Just Kidding we probably will not be transferred today due to insurance. Is that not a mean joke! We will let you know. But he will probably be here. Thanks!

The Harding Hive said...

Oh Luann, I appreciate you sharing these updates on little Lucas. I think about him during the day and my thoughts about him and his family inspire me to be more grateful, more diligent and more positive. What incredible people you all are.....Lucas, his parents and siblings, and the Schroeder family (of course, I knew that one already).