Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good chance to Serve little Lucas....

I know you all have BUSY lives, we all do, but if you need and want some great blessings from service....I know where you can get them!!! This little Fullmer Family of Lucas is in need....not sure what is happening fully, but they live in Orem Utah, they have 3 other little boys who need dad and mom and they just got some hard to hear news...apparently Lucas will be in the hospital until his stoma is can just imagine the heartach they are going through...they are struggling to be in two places at once....they need people to stay with little Lucas at night while they go home to the other boys....If any of you find it in your hearts and time in your lives, I know they would appreciate the will be BLESSED just to know this family and Lukie...he is one of God's choistest spirits and just to spend one minute with him is a blessing....check out their is connected to mine Fullmer boyz ...they have a great supportive ward....just live so far away ..... out here, we are closer and might be able to help are all great people in my eyes....things are tight for everyone we will fall in love with this little guy!!

Just heard from Mike, the dad, that any amount of time you can spare would help...just let us know what you can do. They like to go home in the evenings to spend some time with the other 3 boys and it is just hard to leave little Lucas alone without anyone there.


The Fullmer's said...

Even 1 or 2 hours at any time would help. I got to go back to work to pay bills. I know Allison would feel better.


LouandAngela said...

Oh, he's so precious! I can try and work something out with Lou so that I can be there with him sometime. We'll pray for him and his family.