Friday, October 3, 2008

Kati's in LOVE......with baby Lucas!!

Grandma Bahr, Kati Jo and I went up to primary's to visit with Lucas....we stayed for about 3 hours. He was adorable as usual. He got a little fussy while Grandma was holding him, he had some gas....but when Kati Jo held him, they bonded for sure. She rocked him, rubbed his face and arms and he fell was really cute. Kati told us tonight that this is the first time she has ever seen Lucas...being in school, she didn't make the family party. She was there the first time they were going to bless him...the second time she wasn't around. The cutest thing ever was when we layed him down on his bed...he has a toy hanging above his head that he cued, talked and smiled was adorable. He is such a beautiful baby. Their doctor, I think the one that did the surgery, came in and talked with us a little..he showed us a diagram he drew on the white board about his innards...and what the plan is for Lucas. He seemed pretty nice....he wants to start to feed Lucas by mouth...the funniest thing happened while Kati was holding him....the nurse came in to do his vitals, she looked at Kati Jo and said, "So, do you want to bottle feed him now?" Kati just looked at her in surprise....the look was priceless...the nurse looked at her in surprise because of her reaction....then I said, actually, this is his cousin not his mom....the nurse was surprised and laughed...what a fun night!


The Fullmer's said...

Wow! Thank you guys so much for taking time to visit Lucas and love and care for him. I'm glad you enjoyed the time with him, and Kati was able to visit him.

The Fullmer's said...

Sounds like you met Dr. Jackson the GI doc. But NOT my favorite doctor. I'm not real trilled with his idea of bottle feeding either! Thanks for loving Lucas!

Schroeders in a nut shell said...

You know, the doctor was nice, but I can see how he wouldn't be your favorite doctor...he could be a little did they start the bottle feedings like he wanted....and yes, he was really pushing for bottle feeding that night. You guys are the dad and mom, your say of Lucas's care is important here....for the good of that little guy. We are still planning on coming up tues, wed, and thurs this week...maybe we will see you, if not, we will just cuttle and love Lukie!! You guys are doing a fantastic job...keep up the good work both of you!!