Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What would you do?

Ok, so we have Grandma Schroeder in a really nice care center for the next 14 days so that we can get ready for her etc (I gave notice at work and have a little over a week left)...........it is on 4700 south and about 12th east, we have been up there every day since she arrived and she has been pretty good, confused, but pretty good. I have been a little concerned a couple times because she doesn't seem to be doing anything at all...just existing there. We have an apt with the committee at the center to talk about her and our concerns this afternoon....and I do have some. When Gary went there after work yesterday, she was curled up in a ball on her bed, really out of it due to the fact that a male aid gave her a bath earlier in the day......it threw her into a tizzy and I don't blame her. She does have some dignity left right now and this was really hard for her. Gary got her up and they went for a walk and he talked with her about his dad and the good old times etc. He said by the time he left she was doing better. I will request that they don't have male aids bath her anymore...I know they should be professional, but it just too hard for her and she still gets embarrassed ...that just isn't fair. I think they think that these people are too confused to care, and she is really confused...but not that confused!! She needs to be there for a couple more weeks, but she needs to be respected. What a sad life!!

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