Saturday, October 11, 2008

When it rains, it pours!!!

Do you ever fill like when things are going smoothly it is scary because you just know that there is something on the horizon ..... well our horizon has hit!! Things are really going fast with Grandma Schroeder!!! We got a call from St Marks Hospital around 11am...she was the hospital because she fell in her bathroom this morning...they found her around 7am...and tried to call us several times...we have missed calls and we didn't even hear our phones ring once!!! We feel like we neglected her because they couldn't reach us and we were right here all the time!!! Anyway, we went to the hospital and got her....she is really confused and agitated. I see a bruise on her forehead I think she got from the fall....things are happening so fast. Apparently she has a bladder infection, which in people with Alzheimers just throws them into a bad stage of confusion...after a few days on her antibiotic she will be a little better....anyway, we are looking at bringing her home next weekend!!! Oh my goodness! I am just not ready for this! I am actually scared....she will be full time care and I have to work! I am hoping to get some help Monday when Medicare and other places are open....I have been crying all day!!! This is so hard for me...We are moving Kati into storage, Rob to Kati's room, redoing Robs much to be done in such a short time...I am feeling so ungrateful right now and I know I am....this is just hard....where do I find "Joy in this Journey?" I just have to stop feeling sorry for myself and move forward...we all have our crosses to bear....I know we need to serve each other, I just want to serve because I want too not because I have too...isn't that an awful way to feel? You guys are seeing the real side of me now, the ungrateful side...sorry....If any of you have any suggestions, I will listen to anything...I will buck up and move forward, I have too....wish us luck!!!

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The Fullmer's said...

You are a great example to us! I know how it is to have your life turn upside down, and not go as you would imagine. Take it day by day if you need minute by minute. I have been reminded through our trial that Hevenly Father knows us better then we know ourselves, and he will only test us on what we can handle. Sometimes I feel like I'm on the edge and how could I handle more? Stay the positive person you are. Just remember you are never alone he is always there. If we can help in anyway let us know. We will keep you guys in our prayers.