Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update with Grandma Schroeder

We got some news today that we weren't quite ready for....the Golden Living Center that Grandma Schroeder lives in has decided to raise her bill about $300!!! Yep, can you believe it!! She doesn't even make enough to pay this, her Rx's and another bill. We are going to have to move her in sooner than we were planning...by the end of December. She is really getting forgetfull too....we will need to find a home health company that will stay with her in the mornings while I go to work. If any of you have ideas, I am more than willing to listen. She is getting really grouchy too...we just have to approach this as something that the Lord wants us to do...I have been praying about when this should happen, I got my answer I guess....we just have to make sure things work out. "Find Joy in the Journey!!"

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