Friday, September 19, 2008

Our little baby Lucas....his little life of challenges

I wanted to share with those of our friends who come to our site a little about Lucas Hinckley Fullmer our Nephew and Niece's little baby...Lucas is a special little guy who was born May 2008 with a chronic disorder in his intestines...basically, they don't and haven't ever worked...It's called Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction.....I is such a big name for such a little guy. Lucas has been in an out of the Primary Children's Hospital, a children's hospital in Pittsburgh, and utah Valley Regional Medical Center most of his life...he has been tested, poked and prodded so much...he vomits a lot, can't eat much, and has a distended tummy because of his inability to poop normally. This last Monday, he was hospitalized yet again with a fever and vomiting bile. He really was a sick little boy and the doctors finally decided they needed to do surgery on him on Wednesday night. His daddy and grandpa gave him a blessing, and they took him to surgery...things didn't go as well as they had planned, and due to the need to remove some intestine that had died, an infection that was in his remaining intestine, he was put in intensive care and listed as very of today, the GI doctors are good with his progress and how he is looking right now, he has a long road ahead of him...I can't tell you the sweetness you feel around little Lucas...he is truly a special one and loved by all his family and friends. I hope his mom and dad don't mind me posting some of their pictures...I know the Lord has a plan for Lucas..we don't know what that is, but with faith and prayers things will be right. Lucas's Dad and Mom are having a fast for him this Sunday...I know they would be honored to have any and all of you join with us in Fasting for little Lucas...I admire all of you and know of your great faith.....just a little side note, can I just say how proud I am of Lucas's mommy Allison, and daddy Mike...they are great examples of love, faith, compassion and service...we can learn a lot from them and their example.


The Bronson Bunch said...

That is such a sad little boy! It breaks my heart! I am sure you are absoutely right about him having a special plan. My prayers are with you and your extended family!

The Fullmer's said...

That is the cutest baby ever!

The Harding Hive said...

Lucas is in our prayers. Thank you for sharing your strong testimony.