Friday, September 12, 2008

Utah State Fair.. &...Max

We went to the Fair!!! Max really loved the amimals..(animals)..the pigs, sheep and cows...and as you see, the ponys!! He was such a big boy riding the pony, the men put the kids on the ponys and hooked the strap. One of the kids had a huge hat on that fell off his head and startled his went wacko and jumped and tried to run jostling all the other kids including Max..he looked startled, but held his ground (or the horn on the saddle)...I just yelled at him "Max, hold on tight" the men running the pony ride jumped on the pony that was freaking until it settled ride for the kids..not for mom's and dad's!!! Time for my soap box...the cost was too high, $8, the food is too expensive, the water bottles were $3, you even have to pay extra for the rides, etc etc etc...this should be a family event, something that families can afford, but no...too expensive!!Done with soap box, for what good it did. Anyway, it was fun...Oh, Max LOVED Suessical the Musical!! He now has named our stuffed elephant Horton, and we bought him a "clover on the end of a pencil" at the theater for him, and yes, he is sleeping with both as we speak. It was a fun day and night, especially for a little boy!!! Tomorrow is FOOTBALL!!! GO BADGERS...stay tuned for highlights of the great game!!

Oh...I just couldn't pass this picture by....isn't it precious!! Ha Ha Ha

THE END (I know, old joke...BUTT still funny....sorry, couldn't resist)

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