Friday, September 26, 2008

Lucas has a roommate!!

Love this picture..."The thinking" picture

"Let sleeping babies sleep!"

I spent some time with Lucas at the hospital....we had a pretty good time until his gas started....he was really gassy. He was so cute even though. The nurses came in and gave him a bath, they weighed him and I think it read 9lb 2oz.. which I think he didn't really much like, but as long as I played with him he was ok....then they wrapped him up tight, he still found a way to get his hands out ... he was really funny. Uncle Gary came up, they brought in another little baby...hispanic family..they were nice as were their visitors, but they didn't speak much english. Then Lucas was fussy, I laid him in bed, got him comfortable and he went to sleep...for an hour...then the noisy nurse came in and yup, woke him up...she dropped something loud and he woke right up....he just couldn't get comfortable after that, they tried tylenol and it really didn't help, finally I think around 11:30pm, they decided he needed some morphine...we got him all comfortable and wrapped up, put him in bed, then they gave him the medicine....he just layed there for the longest time looking at the lights on the was funny. He kept pulling his right hand out, grabbing his binki and taking it out of his mouth or spitting it out... I would put his hand back in because I am sure he was trying to get to the tube in his nose...he just seemed like if he could, he would pull it out...he didn't want anything to do with his binki at all....finally, they turned the light off next to him and he fell asleep....he was asleep when I left around 4am...and doing really good...(I think they were going to wake him up soon after I left to do his vitals....I know, they need to keep up with his vitals, but he was sleeping so good...oh well...) He is so adorable and it was a honor to spend time with him!!! Luv ya Lucas


The Fullmer's said...

Cute Pictures, Thank you so much for taking care of Lucas last night, it sounds like you really enjoyed the time with him. I hope you got some sleep!

The Bronson Bunch said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt! I hope her recovery is a fast one. POOR DEAR!

That little Lucas is adorable. What a sweet baby! I hope all goes well for the little guy too!

Kati Jo Schroe said...

Poor guy :( that's no fun!!!