Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Making Grape jam

We made our Grape Jam last night.....it really was a family thing this year...Rob and I picked the grapes (the ones that were left after the birds got to them!), we had about 4 buckets this year. Gary, Kristi and I separated them and juiced them. That is a big job. It is actually fun, we used my Grandmothers old juicer...all by hand. As the vine grows though, we may want to think about getting an electric juicer..hand juicing is alot of work. Kristi did a lot of the juicing, probably because it was easier than separating them. Then we made the jam. Unfortunately, we did have one accident. When the jam started boiling up, it splashed and got Kristi on the thumb...she got a pretty good burn. She is ok, and shows war wounds from a night of jam making. The best part of the night is, THE JAM IS YUMMY!! We got about 24 bottles this year. We probably would have had another 12 bottles if the cute little stupid birds hadn't eaten the top grapes on the vine...love the birds, hate their appetite. What do you do. Can't wait until next year, there should be tons more grapes the way the grape vine is growning.

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The Bronson Bunch said...

That sounds like hard work! I am just tired thinking about it! At least you get to reap some delicious rewards!