Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a FUN weekend!!

First of all, Gary and I got away and went to Park City...I love Park City, it is so beautiful and peaceful (when there isn't a Sundance going on)..they have these huge Moose with paintings on them..this one is on main and is is our room..really a nice one...the last picture is main street..not a great picture from my phone...anyway, we have started a tradition of going somewhere on our anniversary and attending a Temple that we haven't been to before... we went to the Manti Temple last year, 2 years ago we went to the St George Temple, this year we planned on going to the Logan Temple...we couldn't get a room...some Bike thing had all the rooms booked...I really want to go there someday, maybe next year...we thought about the St George again, or even the Las Vegas, but I was sick of driving since we had just come back on Monday from Las we decided to go to Park City and attend the Mt Timpanogas Temple on Saturday..we have been there before, but a long time was really nice and beautiful...I think for comfort purpose, I really like the Bountiful and Mt Timpanogas..they are beautiful and roomy...what a nice place to be....I think next year, for our 28th, we need to branch out and maybe go to the Las Vegas Temple, or even one in California...we might need to start going on a 1/2 year anniversary and attend Temples all over the US....wouldn't that be fun!!

Kati came home this weekend, we took the kids to lunch at the Golden Corral...that is funny because our family really doesn't like buffets... we were in the mood that was ok...the rolls were really great!! We just spent time with each other...really, these are moments, and I mean moments when your kids are as old as ours are, that we we had Sunday dinner with grandma's and Kati left to go back to Ephraim...back to school!!! Kristi starts school tomorrow...she is almost done!! Hurray!! This was a great weekend!!

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The Harding Hive said...

What a neat tradition. I would love to visit even just all of the temples in Utah. You guys are so great! Still setting a good example for me, and I don't even live by you anymore.

Tell your girls good luck with the new school year!