Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We Saw Lucas today!!! He is such a cutie!!

I took grandma Bahr to Primary's to see Lucas today. He looks good...he has lost some weight and is really tiny...we've, (well his aunt from Pittsburgh and we agreed) decided he needs to suck on dumb dumb suckers....wouldn't that be yummy for him!! Allison brought it up with his nurse and she wasn't impressed....anyway, I think they are going to try pediolyte soon..they took out his NG tube today. I bought him a rattle and he actually was grabbing at it in his weak little way..he would watch it as I would shake it...it was fun to see him watch for mom and dad when we were holding him...he is pretty observant and aware of people....Mike and Allison go home to the older boys at night...I am looking forward to spending Thursday night with Lucas while they are gone...he is just a sweetheart for sure.

More bad news for our family............Leon and Eva Jane our Uncle and Aunt were in a car accident yesterday...I guess the car hit the side Eva Jane was on and she was injured. She is in the hospital in ICU with multiple fractures etc....Leon is ok..that is good. Don't know too much, but if again you could keep them in your prayers...they are around 85..86yrs old so this is hard on them...there are so many car accidents anymore, everyone be careful and wear your seat belts!!!


The Fullmer's said...

Wow I didn't know? We will keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Let me know if I can help take Grandma to the hospital, she could stay at our place if needed. Thanks for visiting and wanting to take care of Lucas on Thursday Night.

carter said...

I have to agree Lucas is a cutie!! I'm so sorry to hear about the car accident. We'll definitely keep them in our prayers also.