Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mockey David Schroeder!!! Our Best Friend

Not a very good picture of Mockey, I think he was shy....ha ha...he is now 16 years old. We remember the first day we got him...our other dog Sandy had died about a week before... we actually decided we didn't want another dog...loosing Sandy was so sad..but Marcusens came down with this sweet little dog, (and I am not kidding when I say little) they tried to keep him with their family but just didn't have the time to train him, and of course our hearts melted when we saw him....we watched him run circles around our livingroom, under the couch, falling off the stairs, etc etc, knowing full well we had just inherited a challenge, but we didn't care, we were already in love with him. Rob was around a year old at the time. Marcusens named him Smokey, but since Rob could only say Mockey, we renamed him and thus the name....he has been a joy and a pain in our house for 16 wonderful years...mans best friend for sure..very loyal. He used to run paths in our back yard, since his age, we don't see those paths anymore...he can run a little when needed, but not that hyper run that he used to do. He also hated fireworks and thunder...he would get so upset when we had a storm or during the 4th of July etc...since he has lost most of his hearing, he has no problem with either...bitter sweet...he also has cataracts, but they actually don't slow him down much...he loves to lay outside on the deck and chill...lot more lazy...time does take it's tole on the poor guy...but we can't ever ask for a better pal for our kids...he now loves Max and gets excited when he comes over...not really sure if it is because he knows there will be action of some kind or what, but he does get excited...we are hopeing for more years with Mockey dog, he is our best friend for sure!

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