Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pictures of our Flowers before they are gone!!

This has been such a great year for our flowers...first of all, most of you know that we used to have a great big umbrella tree in the front yard. It was removed last fall due to being too old and dangerous...a huge branch broke and fell on cars during the night, didn't want that to happen to any, this is what is left behind and to be honest, I don't miss the tree one bit!!! It was HIGH maintenance!! There was always something to pick up from that tree whether it be branches, grainy fluffy stuff, leaves .. whatever, it was always a mess....and I hated that part of it. Looking at these beautiful flowers has just been fine with me. I actually took the pictures so that I will have something to show the Nursery when it comes time to buy flowers again next year...the kids have a tradition every mother's day of getting me tons of flowers to plant, and they just pick whatever looks pretty....well, they did a great job again this year, but I want the same flowers next year. Most of them are annuals. I love my camera phone!! I just took a couple pictures and wa-la, something to show the nursery next year!! I can't wait to plant again and enjoy the beauty...the big flowering bush in front has been exceptionally fun this year because hummingbirds have really enjoyed it, and frankly, I have enjoyed watching them.....God's Beauty and we get to enjoy it!!! What more can you ask for?


The Wingwah's said...

Your yard looks great! I love the flowers you chose. When we were down there last weekend we drove by... now you can actually SEE your house.

The Harding Hive said...

BEAUTIFUL! Your yard looks fabulous.