Saturday, September 13, 2008

FOOTBALL!! Snow 27 Arizona 7

What a fun...HOT...but fun day!!...The game started at 1:30pm, in the sun, the heat, etc...we were all melting. I especially felt sorry for the "Badger"...he had to be deep frying in that costume...he was really good and played the crowd guy. We sat next to the Band..they are actually really good. They have a lot of fun and it shows. The bleachers for the Badger fans were full...they get a lot of support for their home's like Magna and Cyprus, lots of home town and student support. They really need to add more bleachers so everybody isn't so jammed in...especially in the heat!

The team!!! What a bunch of great looking, hard playing young men!! They are doing the Haka, something they do before every game. Kati is funny, most of our team is made up of a great bunch of Poly boys...only a few white folk on this team...Kati calls it "where's waldo" when looking for the whiter few. They are all great guys, and what a team!!

Here are the Badgeretts...they are going onto the field to perform their first dance together as a team. They did a hip hop number that Morgan and Kati was really good and they did a great job. I can see this is going to be a fun year for performing...the team really danced well together and you could see they were having fun..that makes all the difference...

We took the new Legacy Parkway to South Ogden to take Staci and Max home...I really like it..the speed limit is only 55 mile an hour, but the bonus is no Semi's allowed on this road...they have neon lights reminding truck drivers so they can't say they didn't know....I think it is really nice! The police are waiting to hand out a little speeding ticket ...heavy footed people beware! All in all, it was nice and did skim a little time off the drive....PROGRESS, what can I say!!

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The Harding Hive said...

Wow Luann! What a busy weekend. But what fun! Chris & I went to the Cougar game today, too. I have to agree with you on the seating. So cramped together. And it was SOOOO HOT! I am so glad that Kati is still dancing. Good for her.