Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Aunt Eva Jane

Talked with Grandma Bahr tonight, Karen, our cousin called her this morning...apparently the car was hit on the right side by a man going 50 miles an hour direct....Eva Jane has fx ribs both sides, colapsed lung, fx pelvis, vertebra in her neck, concussion,on and on...she will be in ICU for 3 wks, then moved...she is heavily sedated for the pain. Karen is coming up to West Valley to get Grandma Bahr and take her to the hospital to see Eva Jane on Friday for the day.....

Now, you need to see the cutest and newest pictures of little Lucas....SMILING!!!

Not sure why he has the tube in his nose again....but isn't he a sweetie!! Follow his progress on the Fullmer's site at:

Oh...I just got back from Ogden visiting with Max and Staci...I drove the Legacy Parkway of course, I really like it. It's a lot more relaxing. One thing though, I counted 8 dead racoon's in total north and south, and 5 skunk....I hope the animals will soon be used to the new traffic on their road...there were a lot of dead critters scattered on that out!!!

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The Fullmer's said...

Thank you for sharing your love for Lucas, it means so much to us. I don't think we could make it without the love and support from others.

Love Mike & Allison