Saturday, September 20, 2008

Small Milestones!!! Lucas was moved out of PICU to a room!!

Yahoo!!! Lucas is out of PICU!!! They said he is a little more alert and I swipped these pictures from my nephew's site just to show you how good he looks...what a sweetheart!!
We are fasting for this little guy tomorrow for those who would like to join's an honor to fast for such a special little boy...

Footnote to our day......Rob has an abcess!!! He woke up with a bad toothach on thurs night, we got him worked in to the dentist who said he needed a root canal but it would need to be done on Monday morning....he gave us a pain med and said he would be ok until monday....well, as you can see, he isn't ok...he started swelling up this morning...I called and they ordered him an antibiotic...thank heaven's he got his 3 doses in today!!! He also got a blessing from dad you can see, he is miserable!!


The Fullmer's said...

Hope the medicine works and Monday comes fast for ya!

LouandAngela said...

I'm so glad to hear there is progress with Lucas.

Sorry to hear about Rob. Looks like terrible pain!